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Graphic design was something I was introduced to as part of the production of books and pamphlets in the days of metal movable type.

This all changed with the introduction of computing and I started off with a Commodore 64. At this time the newsletters for my Quaker monthly meeting were produced on the skin and printed on the Gestetner machine.

In those early times, when production using printers ink became very messy indeed we started using the services of a photo printing company and our newsletters were cleanly but expensively produced.

When I started using a computer to produce them I had to make sure that the files I produced were only in black and white, colour photo printing was even more extremely expensive.

I first started using desktop publishing in the early days of computing, in turn using Timeworks on early operating systems including the Atari. After some years, after the introduction of Windows, I tried out a new DTP application by Serif called PagePlus and have stuck with this particular publishing program to produce a monthly Quaker Meeting Newsletter for all its supported life, and still do.

I continued to produce Quaker newsletters for my Monthly Meeting. Later I mastered the production of books and later managed produce many books as perfect bound paperbacks.

Serif have now moved on and now produce a desktop publisher program called "Publisher".



Glossary of Quaker Terms