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Watercolour has for over 45 years been my medium of choice for my own work and for demonstration and teaching. This website is my exhibition space.

The qualities that I hope demonstrate in my painting are, original vision, adequate skills and good craftsman-like features.  As a result I aim for competent, finished work. In my many contacts with other painters through lecturing I hope that I may pass on the necessity of fully maintaining these values.

Consistently from 1985 I have produced a Quaker Meeting Newsletter for 11 months in a year for our local Area meeting.

For over forty years I demonstrated and lectured to Art Clubs and Societies stressing the traditional values of drawing, composition, adequate preparation and the competent requirements of colour and tone. Owing to advancing age I have abandoned my lecturing and demonstrating and do not now accept appointments for these. However I like to maintain contact with clubs and societies and I am happy to offer any help I can by email.

Since taking early retirement I have developed my website building and graphic design and computer assisted publishing skills. I have become an independent publisher with my own ISBN numbers and ability to maintain a print on demand business for small paperback editions produced entirely at home.

In these days of paranoia, with security issues being the bete noir of all websites please let me know if you have any difficulty in accessing this website.

John Kay